While teaching in the third world countries of Bali, Indonesia and Johannesburg South Africa, in mid 2014,  Donna was approached by several individuals that traveled far just to meet her.  They told her that they truly aspired to become makeup artists but that they could not afford to take courses or training anywhere so they would never realize their dream of doing makeup and making a living as an artist.  This weighed very heavily on Donna's heart.   Before she left Bali, she had a vision... to break up her 4 - 20 week intensive training courses into much smaller segments of just 1 - 10 days.  This allows more individuals to get started in the industry and ideally allows more aspiring artists to follow their dream career.  


The MEE INC Workshops are for those serious about mastering their craft within the industries of Hairstyling, Makeup Artistry, Photography and their related industries.  MEE INC stands for Mentors, Education Experts and Icons Nurturing Careers.  We have gathered the best in each industry to share their knowledge, talent and wisdom to educate, motivate and inspire creatives in their chosen field.

“Beauty” hair and makeup encompasses about 85% of all work within the industry.  Therefore MEE INC continues to focus on the most expanded beauty hair and makeup training available.  We also offer media based workshops for those that aspire to work in television or film industries or for those that desire to progress their current careers forms of makeup for Television, Video and Film.

Whether you’re a veteran seeking to expand your career in a new direction or you are interested in starting a career in hairstyling, makeup or photography, our workshops are designed to give our students the skills to perform and excel in their chosen field.


The MEE INC Workshops are designed for creatives of all levels.  Many of our workshops cover entirely new concepts, theories and techniques.  Therefore they are beneficial for veterans as well as newbies with no prerequisite experience is necessary.  Several workshops are geared towards those with more advanced skill level.


There are various opportunities for a career in Makeup.  Mee Inc workshops were designed to fulfill a need for dedicated, qualified professional Artists.  Many million-dollar industries utilize Makeup Artists such as music, cosmetics, fashion, beauty, entertainment, advertising, medical and bridal.  

Whether your goal is to become a National Artist for a major cosmetic company, work with photographers, models, designers and magazines, work with celebrities and actors for stage, film and television, work with musicians on tour or on music videos, start your own bridal business, or work with clients referred by doctors and plastic surgeons, there is a vast need for makeup services.  In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked a career as a Makeup Artist as #7 out of the top 10 hottest careers of the next decade. 


Most people need to earn a living during the day.  Therefore, attending night classes is the best option to pursue dreams of a better career.  Many of our students cut back to part time or even quit their current jobs after completing their first workshop or two  and start working as artists during the day so they can hone their craft while still in school.  Mee Inc.'s model program allows out students to experience double the hands-on time by not wasting half the day sitting in a chair with your eyes closed while other students work on you.  By working on continuously different models, students master what was taught in the lectures and demonstrations at a faster rate.  Models are much easier to attain in the evenings ensuring our student’s do not waste time. Occasionally we do offer Day Classes or Private Lessons through the Daytime hours.  



Workshops vary depending on topic and the Instructor teaching.  The majority of workshops are a combination of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises working with models.  The classes on marketing and business topics will be mainly lecture type seminars and may include occasional role-playing scenario.  Many Instructors utilize images or powerpoint presentations which enable students to better visualize the situation being discussed.

Most classes have an average of 12 students but depending on the topic, workshops may have as many as 30 for marketing subjects.  For the makeup and hairstyling workshops, during any hands-on practice time there will be an Assistant Instructor or multiple assistants rotating the classroom in addition to the Lead Instructor, offering a lot of individual attention, feedback and assistance.  Our Instructor to student ratio is about one to ten, even though the industry average for schools is one Instructor per 40+ students. 


Mee Inc. contracts actual successful, working professionals who specialize in each field to be their Instructors/Mentors.  We believe that your instruction should come from someone experienced, who has actually ‘been there’, not someone who has only ‘read it’ in a textbook!  Furthermore, each Instructor excels at teaching and has proved their capability to deliver the curriculum successfully.  Talented Instructors are rare.  This in addition to a working artists schedule limits the amount of courses we can put on the calendar.  At Mee Inc., we choose to uphold our reputation of the best instruction verses quadrupling the amount of students we could enroll with average Instructors with less then impressive resumes.  

Owner and Makeup Artist, Donna Mee actually teaches a majority of the beauty makeup courses herself to ensure that the level of education and the reputation of the business remains exceptional and in the top success rate for makeup schools in the United States.  



All people considering in investing in training in any capacity, are encouraged to do their research on any educational facility or individual workshop.  Prior to enrolling ANYWHERE, make sure any institution informs you of “who” is the actual Instructor. Additionally, they should show you the Instructors updated resume and/or portfolio.  It is suggested that students ask for schools to commit in writing as to who their Instructors will be for classes they are enrolling in.   Otherwise you are likely to get a less then average creative with an unimpressive resume, a less then impressive portfolio and even less desirable teaching abilities.   Why would anyone pay for that type of training?  


Mee Inc. accepts cash, checks, Visa and Master Card.  We offer payment options where you can pay your balance off in monthly installments. Payment in full upfront will not attract any additional fees. Mee Inc. will charge a $10 payment processing fee for each payment made until the balance is paid in full. Payments are debited from your allocated credit card every 30 days. 


Workshops and master classes are non-refundable.  Booking a seat is just like a concert ticket or any other event. If you book your seat and choose the payments option, you are committed to all payments.  If you can longer make it to a class or workshop, you may sell the ticket or give it away to send someone else in your place.  There is no administrative fee to change the user name on the ticket. However, we ask that you email us at DonnaMeeIncInfo@gmail.com with the event date, class title, your name and the name of the new seat holder to ensure the meet the requirements to take over your seat.


Donna Mee has been working as a Professional Makeup Artist since 1981 and teaching the “Art and Science” of Makeup since 1989.  She has been featured on television, in magazines and newspapers and has been referred to as the “Guru of Makeup”.  Through Donna’s education, experience and teaching as a professional artist, she has worked with many celebrities and models doing makeup for both stage and television.  Credits include working with many celebrities such as Mandy Moore, Cindy Crawford, Meg Tilly, Raquel Welch, Judith Light, Joanna Krupa, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kevin Costner, and Brendan Fraser.  Additionally, collaborating with designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Richard Tyler, Gianfranco Ferre, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix and Christian Audigier.  Donna has also written many published beauty columns and articles as well as a medical journal on medical makeup.

Donna began speaking at international makeup and beauty trade shows in 2010 and was quickly informed that she was the most requested speaker at IMATS Los Angeles and Sydney Australia. This led to her teaching master classes all over the world.  Some of Donna's recent Educational Tours include Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, and Nelson Bay Australia, Bali Indonesia, London EnglandJohannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa as as well as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and Chicago.  If you would like to have Donna Mee bring her training courses to your area, please contact us with your request at DonnaMeeIncInfo@gmail.comor by calling 714 438-2430.

In her first two decades of working as an artist, Donna continuously came across clients who were extremely impressed with her talent, professionalism and work ethic.  Therefore, her client list and workload was more than she could handle.  On several occasions, she referred extra jobs to other artists she knew only to find out that her clients were not satisfied with the artists.  Donna inquired as to why her referrals failed to meet the clients’ expectations and was informed, their were often multiple issues.  The artists’ skill level was often in question.  The clients were not getting the type of makeup looks they were requesting or the makeup looked okay in person but was not appropriate once seen on camera or film.  Other complaints… the artists were often late, too slow in application, unhygienic, unprofessional or had bad attitudes. 

In amazement, Donna wondered how these people made a living.  Upon questioning many artists about their education, she found that most bragged about being “self-taught”, otherwise interpreted as “I’m just winging it!”  Of those that had attended a makeup school, she found that they not only lacked the advanced skills necessary for most well paid work but also lacked basic artistry skills and knowledge!  It was at this point in 1997, that Donna decided to open a teaching facility, Empire Academy of Makeup, a school for aspiring professional makeup artists.  Through this facility, Donna’s time was strongly dedicated to improving the caliber of people who call themselves “Makeup Artists.”  She taught the majority of courses at her private Academy, for over eighteen years.  This allowed her to personally mentor serious individuals interested in a rewarding career.    

While teaching in the third world countries of Bali, Indonesia and Johannesburg South Africa, in mid 2014,  Donna was approached by several individuals that traveled far just to meet her.  They told her that they truly aspired to become makeup artists but that they could not afford to take courses or training anywhere.  Therefore, they would never realize their dream of doing makeup or making a living as an artist.  This weighed very heavily on Donna's heart.  As she pondered, how can I make my training more accessible and affordable to others?  Before she left Bali, she had a vision.... to break up her four - twenty week intensive training courses into small segments of one - ten days.  Allowing more aspiring artists to get started in the industry and ideally allowing more people to follow their dreams of a career as a makeup artist.    

Read more about Donna and view some of her work at www.DonnaMeeInc.com



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