There are millions of artists and business owners. Although only handfuls of them achieve the success they dream of.  While many people consider top industry veterans to be lucky,   Working hard and being talented is a given, but many believe they have the talent and work hard but can't seem to progress.  Some fell that there is an unknown factor that is holding them back.  Others realize that they simply don't know what to do in order to go after the success they desire.

Are you at the level of success you dream of?                
Donna has helped thousands of industry professionals achieve their goals.  Regardless if you desire to create your own line of cosmetics, open a makeup studio, school or beauty business, build a strong freelance business or secure agency representation, Donna can help bring your goal to fruition and give exact steps to complete along with the knowledge on how to successfully achieve each step. 

Donna has over three decades of industry experience combined with a successful background in business, sales and education.  She has exceptional insight and wisdom into client psychology, developed through over 33 years as a makeup artist and 20 years as a multiple business owner.  25 years as a top industry educator has resulted in Donna's unique ability to deliver complex theory and information in a way that is easily understood. Known for her capability to successfully communicate with people regardless of their learning style.

As a Business Mentor, Donna will help you to look at your business from a different perspective, enlighten you to unknown details and she will articulate the steps that are crucial to reach the level of success your desire.  Appointments can be scheduled monthly for ongoing business mentoring and goals or by the single hour for situational advice.

You may need or want a Business Mentors for a variety of good reasons:

  • You're faced with immediate issues and need guidance
  • You have a career goal/dream and desire advice on the steps to get there
  • You wish to develop and reach a higher level of success
  • You wish to create or maintain an edge in the market
  • You desire to transition out of a current job into the beauty industry
  • You require guidance for a specific issue
  • You need a sounding board for ideas and desire advice
  • You value personal support from a top industry mentor

Donna's mentoring program is aimed at those who wish to grow their careers, industry relationships andincome.  Clients will be provided with professional and confidential support through one-on-one appointments live or via Facebook webcam for those unable to meet in person.  All appointments will be designed to focus on each clients specific needs.  Donna listens, offer different viewpoints, and help clients think outside the box while imparting knowledge and insight to give greater insight into the bigger picture. She will help solve issues, improve business performance while simultaneously facilitating personal development and growth. Known for her honest and factual advice, Donna is genuinely passionate about helping others achieve the success they desire. 

Donna has an extensive resume that includes managing 8 businesses on her own with no investor support.  She has numerous impressive achievements such as being number one in the USA within multiple capacities with top beauty companies and within her own businesses.  View Donna's full resume and credits HERE.

$250 per hour


"You're the ONLY one in the driver's seat of your life. Many travel aimlessly without direction. Most dream of great destinations, yet remain in park. Where are you going? "- Donna Mee