Dear Aspiring Artist:

Would you like to be amongst the 6% of the population who truly enjoy their work? Is your current job exciting, fun, creative, rewarding, and lucrative? These are the most common terms used by makeup artists to describe their careers. If you are considering becoming a makeup artist, hair stylist or photographers, numerous opportunities await you. Many multi-million dollar industries utilize makeup artists, hair stylists and photographer's – such as music, cosmetics, fashion, beauty, advertising, entertainment, medical and bridal.

There are hundreds of television and video production companies who are filming everyday of the week. Each reporter, host, actor and background extra on every sitcom, soap opera, talk show, newscast, game show, drama series, music video, commercial, and infomercial has had their hair and makeup done, with a photographer capturing the event. Entire staffs of these professions are necessary for every film and video you have ever seen or rented. Makeup artists and hair stylists do their magic on nearly every face in each photograph in over 5000 magazines whether it’s an editorial spread or advertisement for fashion, cosmetics, cars, or computers! Don’t forget about the millions of catalogs, company brochures, billboards, posters, calendars, CD covers, theatrical events, and the millions of photographs on the web.

Whether your goal is to become a National Artist for a major cosmetic company, work with models, designers and magazines, work with celebrities and actors for stage, film, and television, work with musicians on music videos, work on clients referred by doctors and plastic surgeons or to start your own bridal makeup business, there will always be people who need makeup, hair and photography services.

Mee Inc’s instructors are top industry professionals who share their “real life” experiences in order to help students learn from their mistakes. Industry terminology, portfolio building, how to make contacts and other self-marketing strategies are a part of every course to ensure success. Whether you’re an industry veteran seeking to expand your career in a new direction or starting at the most basic level, our courses are designed to thoroughly prepare our graduates to perform in their chosen field.

There are other makeup schools, but no other offers the level of training, ethics, real-world experience and professionalism like Mee Inc Industry Workshops.


Donna Mee
President, Lead Instructor